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Purchase opportunities - Prices - The Procession of Shopping - Methods of Payment - Transport - Transportation Expenses - The receipt of the ware

Our wholesale store has moved! Our new address is 9151 Abda, Bécsi str. 4./A. We have open our new shop named Dekorkert few kilometers from Győr with excellent parking facilities.

Our aim is to provide the possible largest selection of goods to our clients.

Purchase opportunities

  • Personally in our wholesale store in Abda (9151 Abda, Bécsi str. 4./A) - for resellers, firms, entrepreneurs

  • Through the assistance of our regional representatives, who attend primarily the Dunántúl settlements with weekly regularity with a lorry loaded with the wide choice of our products, but they can transport into all of the country as a function of the volume of the order - for resellers, firms, entrepreneurs

  • Through the internet in our webshop - also private persons may be shopping here

You can inspect the articles without a registration but for the representation of the prices and for the order registration is necessary.


The in the law prescribed tax is included in the indicated prices.
We give an invoice of the products without purchase tax for those of our foreign country customers who have a community tax number.

The procession of the shopping

  • After entry you can find our main groups of products equally at "Products" menu item on the left side and on the icons, and you can open additional subgroups by clicking on them
  • By clicking on the shopping basket beside the selected commodity and writing the number of pieces you can order the product

Following from the character of the products we defined in certain cases the number of pieces which can be bought minimally. (For example if a product is available in more colours and it can be ordered only mixed.)

You may find the necessary informations in the description beside the product. At some articles here you can read the text "It can be taken away personally only". These commodities - following from the character of the product (e.g. too tall palm, etc.) - cannot be delivered in the usual manner. If you would like to buy one of these products, please make contact with our colleagues by e-mail: , or by telephone (+36-96/311-755) for the sake of the discussion of the unique transport.

In the description of the products the sizes are informative, smaller differences may appear. The size of the trees has to be understood with their foliage and their plant holder together.

  • When all selected products got into the basket you may check and modify the content of the basket by clicking on the inscription "Shopping basket" under the left side menu. Then you can select the payment method and send your definitive order by clicking on the button "Order"
  • In "My data" menu item you can modify the transport address offered by the system yet before the sending of the definitive order

Payment methods

  • For our inland customers:
  1. Cash on delivery: You have to pay in cash at the time of the receipt of the packet to the carrying company
  2. Bank transfer We send you the copy of the invoice by e-mail, and we ask you to transfer the total amount of it onto the given bank account number. We hand over the packet to the carrying company at the time of the arrival of the amount. We can put aside the products (ordered with bank transfer) for you for 5 workdays counted from the invoicing. If the sum of the receipt does not arrive in this time onto our account we delete the order
  3. Cash: There is an opportunity to pay in cash at our company seat in Abda, and to transport the prepared commodity personally. We can put aside the ordered products for 3 workdays. In this case the minimal sum of the shopping is 10.000.-Ft.
  • For our foreign country customers:
  1. Bank transfer: You may pay with a bank transfer, in euro or in forint. Please, select the currency in which you would like to pay at the time of the order. The minimum amount of the shopping is 200 euros in this case. We send you the products at the time of the arrival of the sum of the invoice
  2. Cash: There is an opportunity to pay in cash at our company seat in Abda, and to transport the prepared commodity personally. We can put aside the ordered products for 3 workdays. In this case the minimal sum of the shopping is 10.000.-Ft, which you may pay in euro or in forint.

 UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt: HU76 1091 8001 0000 0091 4331 0005 - Swift: BACXHUHB

 Following the order the system sends an automatic message with all of your data and with the data of the ordered products to the given e-mail adress.

 After the assorting of the order and the invoicing of the articles you will receive an other automatic message, in which the owing sum figures together with the transportation expense.


Our carrying partner, GLS makes the delivery.

We convey the packet (made on the basis of the placed order) to the carrying company the next day following the order. Our partner guarantees to got it out for you on the next day. We prepare the order placed until 12 o’clock on workday the same day yet in accordance with our opportunities, and we hand over the packet. In this case you receive the selected product already the next day.

You can find information about the status of your order on our web page at the menu item "My orders". Here at the column "invoiced pieces" above the number of pieces you can see the invoicing time of the product.

About the the passing of the packet to a delivery service we inform you by an e-mail, in which you can see, which firm will transport your packet. We give you the identification number of the packet, that will help you to get informed – using the website of the carrying company – about the road of the packet.

  • GLS: on the web page you can get informed at the online customer service’s menu item Track&Trace by selecting the inland or foreign country packet search

You have to write the identifying number – received by e-mail – to the searching point and after clicking on "Searching" you will get the story of the packet.

The delivery is expected between 8 and 17 o’clock on workdays in Hungary.

You can get the phone number of the courier of GLS from GLS customer service, so you can check the right receipt time.

Transportation expenses

The transportation expense is included in the total of the invoice and it has to be paid together with the offset of the merchandise in the given payment manner. The transportation prizes given hereunder have to be understood in forints and purchase tax is included.

FOR PRIVATE PERSONS    Ft/addressee    Ft/addressee Ft/addressee
The amount of the invoice   In Hungary   in Slovakia   In Romania, in Czech Republic
under 50.000.- Ft   1 490   4 990 7 900
50.001-100.000.-Ft   990   3 990 6 900
above 100.000.- Ft   free   2 990 5 990
for firms            
under 50.000.- Ft   2 990   5 990 9 990
above 50.000.- Ft   1 990   4 990 8 990

The expected time of transportation – after the hand-over of the packet to the carrying company:

Hungary   Slovakia   Romania Czech Republic
1 workday   1 workday   2-3 workday   2-3 workday

The data in the table are informative and not guaranteed!

In case of decoration tree which is taller than 120 cm or ordered in bigger quantity the transportation expense is bigger than the sums given above. If you order these types of products our colleagues will make contact with you for the sake of the appointment of the transportation expense. Trees that are taller than 2-2,5 metres cannot be transported by the delivery firms – if you would like to order this type of product with transport, please, contact our colleagues at the e-mail adress or at the phone number +36-96/311-755.

The receipt of the ware

Please check the integrity and the content of the packets and the quantity and soundness of the merchandise, at the time of the receipt. We send fragile goods signed with the indication “fragile”. In case of damage or deficiency, please pass your complaint at the deliverer of the transport service at the time of the receipt, furthermore inform us at the e-mail adress

If a qualitative or quantitative problem would arise at the time of the unpacking (and the exterior wrapper of the packet was undamaged), please, inform us by e-mail or telephone so that we can correct the mistake as soon as possible.

Please, view our supply, and take your choice. We wait for your order!

Yours sincerely: Dekorkert Artificial Plant Wholesale Warehouse